Want More Yoga Students?

The secrets of successful yoga instructors and sold out classes isn’t all just in the “om”. Here are tips, tricks, and tactics to get your yoga students coming back for more with new members in tow.

Get visible.

You don’t have to be a social media wizard to command the attention that your personal brand deserves. Commit to showcasing your expertise in at least one online space while you are building your brand recognition and student base.  Inspire prospective students by demonstrating poses in photo or video format and hashtagging accordingly.  Not into being in front of a camera?  Lend your expertise in forums like Quora and Reddit where you can share your insights and demonstrate authority.

Give freely and ask nicely.

Creating client relationships both online and off will lend itself well in establishing brand awareness for your yoga instruction.  Consider starting and/or building a permission-based e-mail list to keep current students in the know about upcoming classes and topics related to your brand of yoga instruction.  This can include lifestyle, wellness, and clean eating tips.  How does one get e-mail addresses?  Keep a guestbook in your yoga studio and let students know after class that more information is available through your newsletter.  Partner with area businesses for pop-up yoga demos and connect with community.  You get the idea.

Leverage “The You Infusion”.

You ARE your brand.  A lot of people teach yoga and run yoga studios, but only YOU can bring your own brand of value to your students and instruction.  The amount of students in your room and zeroes in your bank account do not define your success or expertise in your field; You do.  If you are not seeing the level of attendance you’d like to with your yoga instruction, align your message with your mission and laser focus your marketing outreach efforts.

Pull together your brand on a budget.

Being your brand doesn’t have to break the bank.  Facebook business pages, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all free channels that you can start to cultivate a following and connecting with your community.  You can create your own graphics to promote upcoming classes for free using online tools like PicMonkey.

Forget what you’ve heard about “shameless self-promotion”.

Regardless of industry, many solopreneurs and creative professionals feel that talking about their business is “shameless self-promotion”.  I am giving you permission to eliminate that concept out of your brain immediately.  By sharing your expertise with people that are eager to learn, you are not being “shameless”.  You are creating value.  By informing your community and attended audience of the value you are creating through instructional programming, you are not being selfish or egotistical.  Let your mission and intent inform how you present your message to the world about the value that you are creating through your programming.  If those things are in alignment, that self-deprecating voice telling you not to promote will be permanently shushed.

And don’t forget to breathe.  😉



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