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Microdose of Inspiration • Category: Mindset


No Harshing Mellows

Tried-and-true tactics to prevent people from harshing your mellow and keeping the seeds of self-doubt far away from your latest creative venture. More


Cultivating Conviction for Creative Projects, Big and Small

con·vic·tion /kənˈvikSH(ə)n/ noun A firmly held belief or opinion.   I think my first introduction to the concept of conviction was “The Blues Brothers”.   The Blues Brothers were on a mission from God.  And that was conviction and a half.  They believed so firmly in their mission that it took them on no less More


You’re Not Burnt Out, You’re Just Crispy

TL;DR: You can wake up your brain from creative fatigue by establishing new patterns through bite-sized achievable tasks with incremental and measurable progress. Today finds me under gray, drizzly skies nursing my third cup of coffee in a desperate attempt to shake off my sleepiness and get some fire underneath me for the workday. Because More


Just The Tip: One Thing At A Time

Do you multitask like a mo’fo or get stuck when you settle down in front of the computer?  Either way, the advice is the same: One thing at a time. I’m not going to launch into another tired talk about time management.  Time management to me is almost a mythical entity, like a unicorn sipping More

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