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Repurpose Content for National Upcycle Day

Content Tips and Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s National Upcycle Day on June 24!

Step up your content strategy game with these tips to reach a wider audience by repurposing existing content into video, podcasts, and other formats – no budget or experience required!

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National Upcycle Day is June 24

National Upcycle Day is all about giving new life to old or discarded items.

As creative entrepreneurs, we can apply this concept to our content strategy to maximize our time and honor what we’ve previously created.

Reusing content can save time and resources while also expanding your audience or reintroducing your brand to new people.

These ideas will work wherever you are in your content creation game, and we’ll look at a few ways to approach content creation once you get your upcycle strategy in place.

Why Repurpose Old Content?

Repurposing your past content has several benefits:

  • It saves time and budget on creating even more original content for your brand
  • It allows you to reach a wider audience by presenting your content in a new format
  • It helps maintain brand consistency and reinforce your message across multiple platforms
  • It gives you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and innovation as a micro business owner.

Let’s explore creative, innovative, and effective ways to create new top-performing content in 2023 from your existing content.

Transform Blog Posts into Podcast Episodes

One of the easiest ways to repurpose written content is by turning it into a podcast episode. It’s not too hard to achieve with a mobile phone and the right tools and apps to help you move your vision forward.

You can create a podcast episode around the topic or theme that is popular on your blog or social media, sharing real-life examples and anecdotes to add more value to the content.

How To Upcycle Written Content Into Podcasts

  • Get your first podcast episode idea by exploring your most popular blog posts with Google Analytics (or your preferred web traffic tool) to create a podcast episode or series of podcasts for your current audience
  • Create a podcast script using your original content and AI editing assistance with to reformat blog content to fit the conversational tone of a podcast
  • Record high-quality audio without a fancy mic or professional recording studio using Adobe Podcast AI Audio Enhancer, a free tool that will enhance your uploaded audio using AI

How To Create a Video Podcast

  • Turn your audio podcast into a video podcast with Canva or Vimeo Create and their suite of creator tools, including a library of royalty-free stock video and music
  • AI tools can also be used to create a video script for your podcast by summarizing existing content

More Ways To Add Audio To Your Podcast 

Create Video Tutorials from How-To Guides

Transform your how-to guides or step-by-step articles into engaging video tutorials using online video creation tools such as:

Take inventory of your past educational content to see what can be upcycled into more timely content. You may consider asking your audience what they want to revisit!

  • Choose a topic that will work in a visual format with video and animations
  • Outline key points and steps from your original content, or use an AI tool like to help you break the content into a cohesive video script
  • Create a storyboard, incorporating visuals, text, and animations with an all-in-one creator tool like Canva or Kittl to stay organized
  • Record a voiceover or use text overlays to guide viewers through the process; Audio can be recorded directly into Canva
  • Tools like Canva and Vimeo Create have ample video templates and royalty-free music to quickly get started

Example: If you’ve written a blog post on “How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign,” create a video tutorial demonstrating each step using screen recordings and graphics.

Turn Past Photos Into Video

Turn your old photos into a stunning video by incorporating captivating transitions, animations, and voiceover:

    • Select a series of related photos that tell a story or showcase your project or brand’s journey
    • Arrange the photos in a logical sequence and add smooth transitions between each image; The app VideoLeap has multiple photo templates to try!
    • Include background music or voiceover to add more depth to the video slideshow

Craft a Time-Lapse Video of Your Creative Journey

Celebrate your creative journey by producing a time-lapse video that weaves your photos of the past into a captivating visual narrative that shares your creative growth over the length of a project, term, or decade!

  • Use social media apps to find photos of key moments that showcase your progress and achievements; Facebook Memories and TimeHopper can help
  • Create folders on your mobile or computer to organize these moments by dates/time so you can easily organize the files chronologically later
  • Import your photos into time-lapse software like LRTimelapse, Panolapse, or Time-Lapse Tool.
  • Adjust the playback speed, transitions, and effects to create a smooth and engaging video.
  • Add background music or voiceover narration to enhance the storytelling aspect.

Example: Craft a time-lapse video documenting your journey from a hobbyist to a successful micro business with encouragement to other creators to keep following their passion.


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