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Start Now: Paid Research Studies For Creatives in July 2023

Last Updated: July 3, 2023

Start Now: Paid Research Studies For Creatives in July 2023

Last Updated July 4, 2023

Are you a creative person? Monetize your skills! There are a plethora of opportunities for creatives like you to earn extra cash. Stay tuned for the latest opportunities!
If you are selected to participate in any of the below opportunities, this website will receive a referral commission. Thank you for supporting our independent blog!

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Where to Sign Up For Paid Research Studies

How to improve your chances of being accepted into paid research studies

You can increase your earnings with paid research studies by taking the time to properly complete your participant profiles on paid research study websites. This will allow you to be matched with more relevancy for your skills and expertise, improving your chances of being accepted into a paid research study.

You may have the option of uploading a photo or video to your paid research study profile. A good rule of thumb is to repurpose your LinkedIn profile image or a professional headshot. 

Once accepted into a paid research study, it’s important to be professional, punctual, and respond to any correspondence from the researchers in a timely manner. This may increase your opportunities on the paid research study platform or open up more paid studies with your last research project.

These tips can increase opportunities to participate in research studies on various platforms or independently.

How much paid research studies pay

You will be paid for your participation in a research study depending on the length of time the researcher wants to work with you and complexity and range of tasks required for the paid research study.

Paid research studies for creatives typically pay $50-$175 per hour, but some may pay even more for less time. Some opportunities for several weeks in the same range. You can review the opportunity and see what works best for your schedule and payment requirements.

Research studies that require you to participate with a prototype or test the service/software may offer additional incentives in addition to the paid research study rate.

You may be asked to record your screen and communicate your experience with the prototype. These projects are fun and can provide an inside look at how your favorite software products are developing new features.

Get paid to share your expertise and knowledge by applying to the opportunities outlined below.

Remote Paid Research Studies July 2023

These paid opportunities are time-sensitive, so please take note of when this article was last updated and also by following the link for opportunity status.

You can find more opportunities for paid research studies by signing up with if the studies below are no longer available to participate in.

Seeking professionals with experience in building websites using a CMS!

Posted July 14, 2023

$50 |  30 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

Do you have experience building a website using a CMS, or will you be building a website using a CMS in the near future? We would like to seek your feedback on our CMS website to further improve the customer experience of the site.

Let’s talk about taxes!

Posted July 13, 2023

$100 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We’re looking for feedback for a tax preparation company. We’ll start off by learning about you, and then we’ll ask you to share your screen to get feedback on a new experience. This study includes a 1-hour remote interview via a video tool called Lookback.

Seeking Event Planners for a 1-on-1 Remote Interview

Posted July 13, 2023

$200 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We are looking for large-scale event planners who make or influence spending decisions.

Seeking business owners/financial professionals

Posted July 12, 2023

$100 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We are a large tech company looking for participants to help us understand some of their ways of working in the finance department, and give their feedback on some ideas we have.

Seeking Professionals Using a High-Performance Computer for Work

Posted July 3, 2023

$100 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We are seeking for professionals in creative and technical roles who use high-performance computer to understand more about their workspace and workflows.

Shopify App User Research

Posted July 4, 2023

$80 |  40 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

Hey participants, Our Shopify app is in the Website Personalisation space. You can think of use cases like dynamic product recommendations, content personalization on your pages, custom discounts, and banners. We are looking to connect with professionals who see the value/have experience in this.

Project management/collaboration at work

Posted July 4, 2023

$90 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We want to understand how people find and adopt the right tools to help them manage their work. We are looking for those who are/were decision-makers in purchasing tools. We will talk about your experience and then we would like you to try our product to get your feedback on it.

Leveraging communication tools at work

Posted July 3, 2023

$75 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

Our research team is looking to better understand the current user needs and experience for our digital products. In this session, we will request you that you join from a computer and that you share your screen during the interview.

Seeking startup owners

Posted July 3, 2023

$60 |  30 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We’re represent Germany based holding. The goal of the research is to understand the problems of current social networking in terms of entrepreneurs needs.

Seeking First-Time Entrepreneurs

Posted July 3, 2023

$90 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We are a digital-only financial company geared toward entrepreneurs. Seeking First-Time Entrepreneurs who started their business in the past year.

Do you play music instruments?

Posted July 2, 2023

$60 |  45 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

Hello! We are a large music company. We are looking for users and non-users of our product to help develop the service and make experience of musicians better!

Seeking People Who Have Paid for Courses, Retreats or Coaching to Improve Their Life/Career

Posted June 30, 2023

$75|  45 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

Have you wanted help with your life or career? Have you spent money on courses, lectures, seminars, coaching, etc? We want to talk to you! experience of musicians better!

Seeking Content Marketing AI Users

Posted June 30, 2023

$75 |  30 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We are looking for content marketers and managers to help us build the next generation of long form (blog post, case study, guide, white paper etc.) content revision tool that keeps the marketer in the driver’s seat while harnessing AI to get higher quality results faster.

Bloggers USA 2.0

Posted June 27, 2023

$50 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We are looking for beginner bloggers and micro-influencers who manage their own blogs and utilize innovative social media promotion methods. The number of followers on your blog should range from 2000 to 10000 or over 10000

Seeking business professionals to chat about business-related content & conferences!

Posted June 23, 2003

$100 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We’re looking to talk with business professionals to learn about your experiences attending virtual conferences and get feedback on ideas for how to increase virtual conference engagement.

Pain points in your work processes

Posted June 23, 2003

$250 |  90 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We’re looking to learn about pain points in your work

Seeking folks that send lots of emails on mobile and desktop to test our app

Posted June 22, 2023

$60 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

We’re a team working on an app called Spiffy that uses AI to help you send personalized emails in just a few taps. We need participants to test our mobile app and browser extension for the duration of one week and provide feedback.

Seeking Ad Operations Specialists/Ad Managers Focused on Video Content

Posted June 23, 20023

$100 |  60 minutes | One-on-One | Remote

This research focuses on workflows related to monetizing online video content. We are looking for professionals who have: 1) Direct impact on advertising and monetization related to published video content 2) Basic technical understanding of both client-side and server-side ad insertion.

Are paid research studies a scam?

If you enroll in a reputable research study programs such as, you will have access to vetted paid research study opportunities with reliable and timely payments.

Do your research when and avoid situations that require sensitive information to participate, such as your social security number. If you are finding paid research studies through Craigslist or a social media community, ensure that it is a legit opportunity before sharing personal information.

Working with reputable paid research study platforms are a safe and reliable way to earn extra income from home.


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