Just The News: Baby Yoda, Ms. Stephanie and No Smiling Matter

Instagram Reels Takes On TikTok

…In Brazil, in any case


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In the least surprising news ever, Instagram is going toe-to-toe with teen-centric app TIKTOK with its new REELS mode in IG Stories.

Users can create short videos with music to remix through a range of creative editing options like playback speed and “ghosting”, which apparently is not just for Hinge dates in Jersey City anymore.

Fun Fact: Before there was TIKTOK, there was Musically, following in a theme of blatant app biting.

Instagram Reels is currently being tested in Brazil, but may be rolling out to other parts of the world in the new year.

Smells Like Copyright Infringement

…marc jacobs and nirvana llc. duke it out over “x-eye Smiley face”


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Designer Marc Jacobs was taken to court for a tee design that looked suspiciously like the X-Eye Smiley Face that was drawn by Kurt Cobain (allegedly) and then registered for a copyright back in 1993 before you were born and I was hurting myself on slap bracelets.

Jacobs is firing back with a counterclaim that seeks to invalidate the copyright, thus ensuring his ability to peddle his “Grunge” collection in his latest line of Perry Ellis nonsense.

In either event, let’s see if we can find it on Poshmark.



Pinterest December 2019 Pin Trends

Aromatherapy, belts, stairs, and green tea blends rule december


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While you were busy knawing on turkey or whatever, Pinterest released its December 2019 forecast of top trending pins. Use this info to weave into your content marketing this month!

Pinners are riding the aromatherapy trend, driving searches for homemade reed diffusers up 117% year-over-year.

Essential oils like nutmeg diffuser blends, oils to relieve colds and oils to aid in good sleep are all trending hot!

Forget egg nog, make a green tea mix this holiday season! Antioxidant powerhouse green tea is stimulating searches this month  with top terms including:  peach green tea, mint lime green tea, green tea lemonade and green turmeric tea.

Belts are making a statement on this season’s fashion boards.  Popular searches range from the utilitarian shoe lace belt to the always avant-garde animal print belt outfit.

If you’ve got belts in your closet, now might be the time to flip ’em or style your lifestyle shoots with beltastic fashion.


Ms. Stephanie/”Tanqueray” of Humans of NY

Your New Favorite Aunty Has A Story To Tell


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In delightful news, the Humans of New York series has shared the story of New York’s own Ms. Stephanie who is quickly winning the hearts of all that she encounters, online and on 7th Avenue.

Word on the street is that this NYC-legend will be spilling more tea by way of autobiography or…maybe a movie!

Listen Up, ManBun:  Baby Yoda Gonna Show You What Americans Want

Social Engagement On Fleek Or Whatever

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I don’t want to throw shade at anyone’s Comms team, but Baby Yoda is having a more meaningful impact with social media engagement than our Democratic presidential candidates.

Baby Yoda averages 1,671 social interactions per story compared to 850 for Bernie Sanders and 839 for Joe Biden.

All I’m gonna say is that ManBun should take a green tea matcha break and figure out how to strategically work this finding
into future social posts for a light-hearted poke at this latest data.

There’s one ManBun on every political comms team, trust me.


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