5 Ways to Use Periscope To Promote Your Art & Business

Periscope for Art and Small Business

Periscope Is A New Live Broadcast Mobile App

This new addition to the live-streaming video app scene was snapped up by Twitter in March of 2015 and released as an iOS app the same month. In May of 2015, the Android version hit the Google Play Store.

So It’s Like Snapchat?

Yes, but no. The Periscope app allows users replay recorded streams, give hearts, and send real-time comments to those broadcasting live. Periscope’s streams can be shared directly with your Twitter base, limited to the groups that you specify, and titled as you see fit. Mobile users receive Push Notifications requesting your presence on a livestream broadcasts.

Why Would I Want Another App?

Periscope is a great way to create a live broadcast channel that promotes your art or creative project by offering prospective customers an inside glimpse of your process or work studio. Because it’s still relatively young, you could very easily throw some initial broadcasts together in your spare time and collect your fair share of followers and hearts while building your brand and communicating your message.

5 Ways to Promote Your Art And Brand With Periscope

  • Show Off Your Workspace: Give prospective collectors and brand enthusiasts a tour of where you make art, host your home office, or how you organize your creative tools. Be sure to hashtag it: #studiotour #checkoutmyworkspace #thisishowiwork

  • Demonstrate An Art Piece In Progress: Give viewers a glimpse at how you create, whether it’s a DIY project or a upcoming mural piece.

  • Promote Your Art Website or Etsy Shop: Introduce yourself to your social media community. Tell them who you are, what you do, and let them know where they can see your latest work.

  • Run A Social Media Contest: Pick up fans, followers, and likes with a social media contest that refers viewers to your other social accounts. Offer incentives such as a free print or free shipping.

  • Make An Announcement: Get the word out on your latest press, upcoming art show, or a new line of work that you have coming out.

How I’m Going To Use Periscope

I’ve been pushing myself to start creating video content, and Periscope looks like a good fit for content creation as the mood strikes me. I’m an admitted Instagram junkie, and this will be a great mobile app to feed my need to share visual content on-the-go with my followers.

I also plan on using Periscope for a specific purpose: To create daily idea guides for this month’s free #30DaysofIdeas program that I’m launching. If you haven’t already, go take a look and see if you’d like to get in on it. My plan is to create new content once daily,  around 9pm or 10pm.

Are you on Periscope?


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