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Why Acuity Scheduling is the Best Booking Tool for 2019

Looking for an online booking tool for your creative business?  Look no further than Acuity Scheduling, a mighty scheduling software that won’t break the bank.




Here’s the deal:  This is not a sponsored post, just an enthusiastic customer sharing a review of Acuity Scheduling.  This post contains affiliate links, so if you end up loving Acuity Scheduling as much as I do and decide to sign up, I’ll receive a modest credit to my Acuity scheduling subscription.



To put it simply, Acuity Scheduling is your new best friend if you’re a solopreneur or small biz owner that needs a better way to keep their calendar from going off the rails. 

Acuity Scheduling will keep your calendar synchronized and purring, your correspondence with scheduled clients timely, and offers your clients the ability to easily schedule, reschedule, cancel, and subscribe to your meetings or classes without human interaction.  

You can make meetings public or private, making custom calendars for key clients a snap to set-up.  You can create a series of custom e-mail messages to guide your clients from appointment confirmation to leaving you a review after your session.

You can embed Acuity Scheduling into your website:



Or you can turn your custom Acuity Scheduling into a straight-up landing page, like I did here:


Acuity Scheduling is an awesome solution if you schedule these kinds of meetings, online and off:

  • Discovery Calls for prospective clients
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Studio Visits
  • Coffee Dates
  • Phone Meetings with collaborators and contractors

You can embed your Acuity Scheduling into a website, or share the direct link for folks to book space on your calendar.



Acuity Scheduling doesn’t break the bank at the following pricing levels, as of December 2018:





Yes and no.  Acuity Scheduling is an affordable solution to have your calendar “managed” for you after setting up your available services, payment gateways, and appointment availability.  Acuity Scheduling connects to your Google Calendars to ensure that you do not overbook yourself should you schedule other events or meetings outside of Acuity.  You will still need to set up the workflow for each appointment type to move your client through the scheduling process, but Acuity’s documentation and customer support can help you get set up in a snap.

Even though booking an appointment through Acuity Scheduling is easy-peasy, some clients may still prefer to go through a human to schedule a meeting.  Even if a few clients need a little extra attention, it still is going to save you serious time and money to use Acuity Scheduling as your main calendar manager.

Acuity Scheduling has saved me from doing the  “Book-A-Meeting-Back-and-Forth Boogalo” with clients that I am trying to coordinate with.  I close more paid consultations with Acuity Scheduling than when I DIY’d it through e-mail. Clients can clearly see when I have availability on my Acuity calendar, and their available time options displayed in their own time zone.  They can then remit payment on the spot to secure their session; No more sending separate invoices or custom PayPal Buy Now links! 

Acuity Scheduling presents a smoother and more streamlined approach to getting clients on the calendar and paid ahead of time.



Dubsado is a fantastic customer relationship management software that recently received a brand makeover and a much-anticipated new feature:  The Dubsado Scheduler.  I’ll admit that I clunked around the new Scheduler Dashboard when setting up my first scheduler template (“Rolling Window what?”).

The Dubsado Scheduler allows you to pad time before and after meetings, secure a deposit using Dubsado’s Invoice feature, and customize Confirmation Messages, similar to Acuity Scheduling.   If you are using Dubsado’s proposal, contract, and invoicing features in harmony, the Scheduler will be a natural fit into your existing Dubsado workflow.



Dubsado Scheduler – GIPHY


Acuity Scheduling shines as a standalone appointment scheduling software with a robust suite of customization options, payment integrations, and ease of adding varied levels of availability based on appointment type.  It integrates beautifully into exterior CRMs, and you can utilize a range of Zapier Zaps for even more functionality. 

I plan to continue using Dubsado for its other gorgeous features, and leave the more customized online booking experience to my ride-or-die, Acuity Scheduling.



Acuity Scheduling- GIPHY


Which appointment booking software are you using these days?  Join the conversation!

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