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Paid Research Studies For Artists, Crafters, and Creatives

Weekend Round-Up: September 17, 2022

paid research studies for creatives, artists, and designers

Do you like getting paid to do what you love? Are you the creative type who is always looking for new opportunities to flex your muscles in your field? If so, paid research studies are a great way to earn extra money as a creative, and can also be a way to get involved in cutting-edge research and try new tools and apps before others.

Finding paid research studies might be the perfect opportunity for you to supplement your income without applying for more jobs!

How Do You Find Creative Paid Research Studies?

Paid research studies can be a great way to discuss your expertise and experiences in your field to make some extra money. But since these opportunities can be hard to find without an invitation, it can be tough to know where to start.

If you’re interested in paid research studies, the first thing you should do is search online for opportunities.

Reddit has a number of communities to explore various paid research studies and surveys available to apply to and survey reward apps that are worth downloading.

Paid research studies are often advertised on websites or through research companies that link participants to professional paid research studies, like

You can also reach out to the dev team of your favorite tools and apps to see if they are conducting any paid research studies.

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How To Apply To A Paid Research Study

Once you’ve found an opportunity that interests you, the next step is to apply. Most paid research studies will require you to fill out a screening questionnaire. This questionnaire is used to determine if you’re eligible for the study.

These questionnaires will often be completed online, but may also include a follow-up phone call or pre-screening virtual meeting. Screen questionnaires can be anywhere from a few questions to upwards of 20 questions, depending on the subject matter and complexity of the research study.

Some studies that pay more or require multiple steps to participate could require a longer and more time-intensive screening process.

Be sure to check the requirements before applying to ensure that you are comfortable participating. Many studies will request your consent to be recorded/filmed during the research study appointment, and some may require to have a recorded visual meeting as the scheduled research study.

How much can you get paid to participate in a research study as a creative professional?

You will be paid for your participation in a research study that indicates it is a paid opportunity or through, and the amount will vary depending on the length and complexity of the tasks.

Paid research studies for creatives typically pay $50-$175 per hour, but some may pay even more for less time. 

You can increase your earnings by participating in research studies by being professional, punctual, and responding to correspondence or requests in a timely manner. This can increase opportunities to participate in research studies on various platforms or independently. 

What Happens Once You Are Selected For A Paid Research Study?

If you’re selected to participate in a paid research study, you’ll be asked to complete various tasks. These tasks may include filling out surveys, testing new products, or providing feedback on existing products.

Paid research studies typically last for a few hours, although some may last for several days or weeks.

It is important to ensure that you meet the technical requirements to participate in the research study at the scheduled time. It is standard for most studies to require high-speed internet, a quiet space to take the study in, and scheduling a time that you will be undisturbed. 

Paid Research Studies For Artists, Crafters, and Creatives

Week of September 17, 2022


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