Get Enabled

Want to turn your indie operation up a notch?  Sick of coming up your own online content, or just need a fresh set of eyes on your latest project?

Creative Enabler helps bridge the gap between big budget PR work and what you’re doing now to promote yourself.  We can provide you with a proven creative strategy specific to you’ve got cooking up, whether it’s an art show, an Etsy shop or a freshly launched solo venture.


Or if you need a whole promotional overhaul and a better game plan from a seasoned creative professional, we can assess your current marketing plan and devise a strategy that works to meet and exceed your business’s’ goals, guaranteed.  Let’s brainstorm.

Who can Creative Enabling help?

    • Artists who hate the business part of being an artist
    • Handmade businesses on Etsy that want to build a story around their wares and attract more retail store attention
    • Business professionals who want to go in a different direction after being “funemployed”
    • Online retailers who want to harness the power of social media for good, not evil
    • Organizations and non-profits that need awareness for their causes and events
    • Artists and small businesses who have a vision and need web design and branding on a budget



Stuck in a jam?  Get in touch.  Here’s how Creative Enabler can help:

Started a Facebook Business Page/Instagram/Twitter and not sure where to go from there?

Let me take a look and help you squeeze the juices out of free social marketing tools for your small business.  Build a huge fan following and convert those “thumbs up” into dollar bills or awareness for your cause or organization. Broadcast your message to a captive audience. Dream big! Be somebody!

Does your personal or professional website need a little nip and tuck?

I can help you create a new site from scratch or add on to your existing page and content. We can come up with a web solution that fits your budget and achieves your goals in a reasonable time-frame. In addition to in-house design services, I can also oversee a project and recommend trusted designers to turn your vision into reality.

Want to add e-commerce capabilities to your website or simply sell online but don’t know where to start?

I’ll show you ways to sell that fit your lifestyle and time availability. Helping handmade crafters, artists, and creative professionals to promote and sell their work is a personal passion of mine, and I can steer you in the right direction when it comes to taking the dive into e-commerce.

Is your brand having an identity crisis?

Brands have a tendency to change and develop over time, like a forgotten bottle of bordeaux in the back of the cabinet. It’s not necessarily a bad transition, but it can freeze an otherwise competent and creative individual dead in their tracks if their original intent and current vision aren’t quite lining up. We can talk out ideas to breathe new life into your existing brand and bring back that loving feeling.

Does creating content make you die inside?

Blogs and social media channels are great ways to dispense information about your events, work, or ethos but can easily feel like a ball and chain if you haven’t updated your accounts since Dakota Fanning got her braces off. Outsourcing your content management to your kid sister’s boyfriend may seem like a quick way to fatten up your blog  but won’t achieve the community building aspects of having a blog in the first place. Cross-posting between social media accounts often doesn’t translate into truly capturing attention between platforms.  We can put together a 5 point plan of objectives that your blog will serve and set up cross promotion between your social media accounts to automate your updates and increase readership. Content curation, copy production, and search engine optimization ideas will be explored. I can even show you how to make money with that cursed blog of yours.

Want more info? Contact us or schedule a Brainstorm Session


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