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5 Ways To Find Paid Gigs

The first of the month often means bills, and you probably have your mind on your money.


Now’s the time to get creative, and get connected with paid gigs and new opportunities.


Here are just a few ways that you can take the reigns right now and raid that money tree:


Join Industry-Specific Facebook Groups
Why this works: Facebook groups are great for finding paid opportunities. Example: If you are a makeup artist, consider joining a photography group on Facebook to connect with people who may have gigs. If you are a web developer, consider hopping into an entrepreneurial or freelance group to engage.


Check Out Niche Reddit Channels
I love me some Reddit. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely encourages a healthy dose of online networking. Subreddits like r/HireAWriter often has paid work announcements, and the r/ArtStore section encourages art sales. r/BeerMoney is exactly that: Small ways to make small increments of money right away. Then there’s my favorite, r/indiebiz.


Sign Up For Quora and Link Back To Your Website
Quora is a free Q + A website where individuals can pose questions to experts in their field. Even if you make jewelry, there are probably questions you can answer. Quora allows you to link back to your website or Etsy store, so you get a promotional push on that front that can lead to more moolah.


Attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies In Your Community
This one does require offline networking (and probably pants), but can help put your business in front of people who may need your services. Attendees of ribbon cuttings are often community leaders, members of the local government, and other small business owners. If you make tea cozies, this may not be a great fit, but if you are a business professional or have a B2B service, this could be a networking opportunity with impact.


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