Creativepreneur Happy Hour: CAVEDAY

Meet Jacob Kahana, artist, creative director, product designer, and freelancer who will be co-hosting CAVEDAY – a day of facilitated, structured, distraction-free cowork designed to help you get things done – on March 26th at the Impact Hub in NYC.

“I have always been into making side projects, and I’ve always had multiple projects on my plate at once. About a year ago, I met Jeremy Redleaf and Molly Sonsteng. We went on a retreat that I led, and we sat down and talked about all of our side projects – both of them are really prolific in their side projects. Jeremy is a filmmaker and he also has a passion for community building, and Molly is into event planning and she used to work at Daybreaker doing all of those events. Our first collaboration together, actually, was a game of capture the flag at the MET. We started talking about all of our side projects and how we want to help other people make their side projects happen, so we talked about work and get shit done, and Jeremy had mentioned how he had tried this thing for himself called ‘caveday’. He would go into his cave a write a screenplay in a weekend, getting a lot of work done at once.

The way that we work now is broken. The way that we work now is full of distractions – social  media and email – and it’s not built around productivity. So we started to map out what a ‘caveday’ would like like for a big group, and in January after 4 or 5 months of planning the event, we held our first CAVEDAY at the Impact Hub in New York City, and it was a full day of heads down, productive work. We helped people figure out what they were working on and set better goals, and work work with business coaches and creative coaches to get unblocked and get their work done faster. And while that was happening, it was important for us to have some aspect of community building – as opposed to working in a library where it’s antisocial and you’re just there for the environment, CAVEDAY is intended to be a productive environment paired with a social element – at the beginning of the day, during lunch, and at the end of the day when we go out to get drinks, there are opportunities for people to connect. We know that it’s also an important part of productivity to be able to collaborate and to be able to be inspired by the people around you.”


CAVEDAY will be held at the Impact Hub in NYC, located at 394 Broadway New York, NY 10013. Coffee, snacks and a healthy lunch will be provided. There will be two areas available to attendees: The Quiet Cave for uninterrupted work and the Timed Cave that will be leading sprints and breaks. You can switch between the two cars throughout the day. There will also be a break room and facilitators on hand if you want to chat through something or get feedback.


For more information or to purchase tickets to CAVEDAY, visit


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