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October 2022 Paid Research Studies For Creatives

Weekend Round-Up: October 14, 2022

October 2022 Paid Research Studies For Creatives

Weekly Round-Up of Available Paid Studies

  • $75 / 60 Minutes: Evaluating creatives for potential partner programsThe goal of this interview is to get your perspective on sales and marketing assets being developed to pitch a partnership program.

  • $50 / 60 Minutes: Help us design a new educational programWe are currently working with one of our partners to design a new educational program, and we would love to hear from you to get feedback and ideas on it. Join us in a 1-hour 1:1 conversation via the Zoom video platform and share your opinions. As a token of our appreciation for your time, you will receive a US$ 50 gift card. We appreciate your interest and look forward to learning your thoughts about this new program.

  • $130 / 45 Minutes: Embedded Trello Boards & Cards in Confluence & JiraWe’re exploring embedded Trello boards & cards in our flagship Atlassian products (Confluence & Jira). We want to understand our users’ needs and expectations for embedded Trello experiences. This is a 45 min 1:1 study with questions about your current role, workflow, and expectations for the embedded content. We will finish with stack ranking exercises and some exploratory visuals to discuss.

  • $50 / 45 Minutes: Are you a small business owner?Our service helps small business owners to find the insurance they need. We’d like to hear from you if you own a small business. The research will be an unmoderated task. You’ll be required to look at some questions in your own time and to provide your thoughts and feedback on them.

  • $50 / 30 Minutes: Seeking developers at agencies with eCommerce experience •  We are a global website technology company looking to get feedback on an early and new product idea and to learn more about developers at agencies’ experiences in eCommerce. This feedback and learning will contribute directly to our product decision-making. Help shape a new and exciting digital product!

Are paid research studies a scam?

If you enroll in a reputable research study programs such as, you will have access to vetted paid research study opportunities with reliable and timely payments.

Do your research when and avoid situations that require sensitive information to participate, such as your social security number. If you are finding paid research studies through Craigslist or a social media community, ensure that it is a legit opportunity before sharing personal information.

We have put together a list of reputable paid research studies to join below, along with advice to get enrolled and increase your chances of participating.

How much can you get paid to participate in a research study as a creative professional?

You will be paid for your participation in a research study depending on the length of time the researcher wants to work with you and complexity and range of tasks required for the paid research study.

Paid research studies for creatives typically pay $50-$175 per hour, but some may pay even more for less time. Some opportunities for several weeks in the same range. You can review the opportunity and see what works best for your schedule and payment requirements.

Research studies that require you to participate with a prototype or test the service/software may offer additional incentives in addition to the paid research study rate.

You may be asked to record your screen and communicate your experience with the prototype. These projects are fun and can provide an inside look at how your favorite software products are developing new features.

How to improve your chances of being accepted into paid research studies

You can increase your earnings with paid research studies by taking the time to properly complete your participant profiles on paid research study websites. This will allow you to be matched with more relevancy for your skills and expertise, improving your chances of being accepted into a paid research study.

You may have the option of uploading a photo or video to your paid research study profile. A good rule of thumb is to repurpose your LinkedIn profile image or a professional headshot. 

Once accepted into a paid research study, it’s important to be professional, punctual, and respond to any correspondence from the researchers in a timely manner. This may increase your opportunities on the paid research study platform or open up more paid studies with your last research project.

These tips can increase opportunities to participate in research studies on various platforms or independently.

Get paid to share your expertise and knowledge by applying to the opportunities outlined below.

Websites That Offer Paid Research Studies

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