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What's Inside

This digital marketing deep dive is designed to help you identify your goals and plan your marketing for the New Year!

You’ll learn tips, tricks, and growth acceleration techniques to build your local or online business without breaking the bank (or hitting a wall).

We’ll also explore how to connect with customers, create immersive content, and best practices for a cohesive brand strategy with digital media in 2024.

You’ll be equipped with free/low-cost tools and a winning strategy that works for your schedule and business type.

Creative Mindset Tips

Strategies on maintaining momentum when you're doing it all

Creator Tools/Apps

Get the latest tools and apps to create consistent content for your creative business

Community Building

Learn how to connect your creative business with your local community, and how to build/grow/manage an online community

Social Media Trends

Grab these resources to discover trending sounds, most-searched terms, and viral opportunities

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