Creative Enabler surpassed my expectations of creativity as well as professionalism. Luca is a creative force that leaves the attitude at the door. A very creative and uplifting experience… I recommend her and her company very highly!

HARLEY DI NARDO // Filmmaker/Musician



“Luca understands all the aspects of running a business, from set-up, to taxes, to advertising. She’s a social media expert and can help you promote your business, network and communicate with the community. I had a session with Luca where she helped me think of several different revenue streams and think about my business in different ways. She sent me a ton of links to reference and read up on and was there for any follow up questions I had. I would highly recommend her!”

JOANNE MCCARTHY // Artist & Entrepreneur, The Silver Sculptor



I reached out to Luca recently to review an idea for creating an iPhone app. She responded right away and scheduled a 30 minute complimentary brainstorming session. I had my list of questions ready for her as well did she. She listened openly and without interruption to my idea, then her creativity started to flow. I have zero experience with creating an app, which I made her aware of, however this did not deter her from not guiding me towards options for creating the app. I really enjoyed our conversation and learned quite a bit even taking three pages of notes! I feel more confident my idea for the app will take off in time with Luca by my side.

SANDY BOUNDS // Entrepreneur



Seriously, thank you SO MUCH for the insight. I feel like I had the map but really needed a compass and someone to tell me the quickest route!

MICHAEL AMBROSE // Photographer, Pop’s Basement




I have always admired Luca’s ability to connect and engage with the community around her, to establish trust and clear lines of communication with those she works with, and to follow through with a refreshing mix of spirit and professionalism. Working with Luca was a joy — her organization and follow-through is impeccable, and I knew the event we produced together would be a success because she was at the helm. Without question, Luca is a great leader and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

CHRISTINE GOODMAN // Founder, Art House Productions



“Luca Cusolito is as fabulous as her name. She is an expert in promoting, advising and envisioning any creative project.”

MICHELLE VITALE // Wool Punk Studios





“HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of this brainstorming sesh with Creative Enabler! I did it for my events biz and it really gave me direction and clear-cut short term goals. Not to mention Luca is hilarious and fun to work with – which is such a bonus!”

EMILY CACIOPPO-MONUS  // Emily Monus Events

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