Creative Enabler Provides social media support for businesses of all sizes and budgets, whether you have 50 followers or 500K followers.

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Too busy running your business to post?

Trying to decipher your audience insights to learn more about your social media followers?

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Creative Enabler can help.  HERE’S HOW:

Custom Content

Scheduled Posts

Capturing Brand Voice

Audience growth

Data-first strategy

Follower ENgagement


Creative Enabler Provides social media support Hourly and in plans of 30 and 90 Days

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What can be Included



With your small biz goals and perfecto customers/clients in mind, we create a strategy that gains traction with your niche and builds your brand authority. Get just the strategy to work on with your team, or hire Creative Enabler to develop and implement your data-first strategy plan.


Get your own custom hashtag recipe based on your niche, perfecto customer base, location, and best hashtags specific to your market. Use it for your audience growth strategy and content engagement boost.

Custom Content, Hot and Fresh

Creative Enabler weaves your hashtags, small biz goals, and fresh content into an intoxicating blend of posts that are scheduled up into your channels and report back on your social media success. Alternately, Creative Enabler can research, plan, and create a monthly content strategy for you to explore and develop.

Make It Move With animated Posts

Video content outperforms static image posts on most social channels.  Need to up your game with video, .gifs, and animated posts? Add-on video content to any plan for a fixed rate, and receive fresh moving picture content and production support.

Keep Your Audience engaged

Need help keeping up with your DM’s and responding to your followers?  Add-on engagement services daily or weekly.  


Spending time with your audience online is the name of the social media game in 2020. Don’t go it alone if you want to move that needle this year.

Favorite Engagement StorY

Creative Enabler developed a robust press campaign around a solo exhibition for a NYC-area visual artist whose artwork was inspired by a certain legendary alternative rock band.  The band purchased artwork from the artist’s tribute show and promoted the artist’s work on their social channels for years to come, leading to international attention and increased artwork sales.

Finding Opportunities

Creative Enabler developed a targeted engagement campaign designed to find exhibition opportunities in mixed-use spaces specific to the emerging photographer’s target markets.  After one week of implementing the campaign, we had identified several opportunities and started the conversation with key decision-makers and tastemakers.

Brand Awareness 'splosion

Creative Enabler took a food blogger’s Instagram from inactive to hopping with hearts thanks to a proactive engagement techniques and strategies to connect with her best audience. Her engagement shot up 118% in the first three weeks of work alone without paid advertising.

Does growing your Instagram feel like two steps forward and two steps back when you check your insights?  Don’t go it alone. Engagement is a job all onto itself!


Get a brand new strategy and breathe new life into your social media accounts with Creative Enabler

We’ll identify your best and highest converting audience through a data deep-dive of your social accounts, hashtag research and strategy, and comparable business analysis of those in your niche

We’ll embark on daily social media engagement at the time your audience is most active online; Watch the hearts, comments, and follows roll in!

Direct messaging specific to audience growth campaigns available



Creative Enabler Offers big moves with your Social Media Advertising on a beer-money budget

Fun Ads To Do

Creative Enabler creates big solutions with small ad budgets. One campaign that stands out was serving ads to parents picking up their kids from school using a lookalike audience and geofencing to promote an academic enrichment program after-school and on weekends. Geo-targeted ads are GREAT for brick-and-mortars and organizations to promote to their neighbors.

Boosting Followers With Intention

Creative Enabler loves building end-to-end solutions that not only get followers, but get new e-mail subscribers and Facebook Group members. A recent United States-based lookalike audience campaign yielded over 620 Facebook Page Likes in 6 days for under $100 that included an interactive chatbot campaign and an automated invitation to the client’s Facebook Group which has grown 58% since the campaign started.

Don't Just Boost That Post!

Creative Enabler will help you use existing data -or- set up pixels and analytic tools to collect valuable insights on who is visiting your website, checking out your Instagram feed, and engaging with you on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We will then create a campaign that moves mountains, can be repurposed for future campaigns, and makes you your money back again and again.

Does taking out social media ads feel like throwing money out the window? Let’s get clever and strategic to make that small budget move mountains.


Get An In-Depth Data analysis based on your web traffic, historical social media audience data, e-mail lists, event attendees, book sales, and more to create targeted audience sets


We’ll ensure pixels, analytics, and opt-in points are optimized and set-up correctly to glean your best data for advertising


We’ll set up the entire ad set, including images/video (Creative), Copy, and call-to-action and then a/b test until we get the best results for the best price


As we work through the campaign, you will be given the opportunity to learn through screenshare meetings and Video Walkthroughts designed to get you digital ad savvy for future projects



Creative Enabler is Luca Cusolito and a really incredible Team of Creative Marketing Wizards

luca cusolito




founder, late night motivational speaker

Luca Cusolito is a third generation female entrepreneur that has made it her mission to empower small business owners with authentic and sustainable brand building skills.

She once ate a burrito at the White House, and notably got in trouble for starting a lipstick side-hustle in the third grade.

Luca most recently served as Creative Director for the City of Jersey City, New Jersey and managed digital communications and event marketing promotions on a muncipal level.

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