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The Business of Creative with Amy & Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co.

April 4, 2019
April 5, 2019
Halloran Centre, 225 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103   View map

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This workshop series focuses on how to start your own creative business, grow your client base, and promote yourself without selling out or starving. Day 1 begins with a getting to know you session to identify the personal needs of each student, followed by an in depth workbook to calculate your yearly budget and then set your pricing (hourly and flat rate for your mosts commonly requested jobs). The second half of the day we will focus on how to successfully communicate value and process to your clients when pitching so you can land the job. It’ll get super transparent as we share real quotes, numbers, and pitch decks we’ve sent to clients and walk you through making a proposal deck that will blow the socks off your client. Day 2 is all about self promotion and working towards landing your dream clients: we’ll do exercises that help you position yourself, talk about yourself, and market yourself both online and offline. We’ll conclude the day with a session that covers how to smoothly take a project from first email, to quote, to contract, to payment, to proofs and design, to completion. We’ll go over all the tools we use day to day at Hoodzpah, including project management, bookkeeping, contracts, collaboration, and more. We’ll create a business plan and cap the day off with tips for monitoring your financial health. Each session will include plenty of time for Q&A and our goal is to make the content as tailored to you as possible.

Workshop materials provided.