Just The Tip: Kicking Down Windows & Doors

If you choose to stay sluggish, life will move on without you. Decisions will be made about your path, with or without you.

Is opportunity knocking on your door, or are you kicking opportunity’s door in?

Spring is here with the promise of warmer days and new life.  The Equinox ushered in a new energy of hope and renewal.  The Easter Bunny brought you more jelly beans than you possibly consume before the next season.

And yet you stagnate.

Maybe the stagnation stems from circumstance:  A past due payment, a work proposal that seemingly evades signature, a client that stopped returning phone calls.  Perhaps the winter thaw is especially slow in your head space and your psyche favors listlessly surfing Reddit over creating a new and improved course of action for the new season.

Whatever the case, feeling stuck in a lethargic crawl with your creative projects or work progress is not a fun place to be.  Especially with all this talk of Spring and renewal and crap.

So What’s Really Stopping You From Moving Forward?

Wrapping up in a warm blanket of excuses is the easy way out of taking action for any given situation.

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I don’t have enough Sriracha.”

You will never have enough time, money, or Rooster Sauce but that should not stop you from bulldozing your own path and bringing your own creative adventures to fruition.  If you choose to stay sluggish, life will move on without you. Decisions will be made about your path, with or without you.

Check in with yourself.  Does achievement make you uncomfortable?  Are you fretting about how other people will perceive your success?  Are you self-conscience about commanding the hard-earned money and recognition that you deserve?  Only you can answer these questions for yourself.

What do time, money and #Sriracha have in common? You’ll never have enough of it:

It’s Time To Leave The Nest

Be honest about why you’ve made a nest for yourself in the state of inaction.  Sure, it’s warm and familiar and easier than steamrolling into an unknown future.  But are you truly happier adhering to the status quo and going with the proverbial flow?

No, of course not.  I want better nests for you.  Nests filled with opportunities that challenge you and put your best skills to work.  Nests brimming with nachos and happiness.  Nests that you’re happy to wake up in.

Start Small and Go Big

Break your patterns of stagnation by challenging yourself to three small but achievable tasks that work towards your ultimate creative and professional goals.

Want to get your art into galleries?  Great!  Pick three galleries that you feel would be a good fit for your work, familiarize yourself with gallery staff through their web presence, and attend and introduce yourself at their next scheduled events.

The point is to stay in the perpetual state of motion and to get in the habit of making your own opportunities, not waiting for them to surface.  Establish smaller goals that will snowball into your larger vision and keep pushing forward.

Don’t Wait For Permission To Succeed

You have everything that you need to live the life that you want for yourself.  The choice is yours as to how hard to hit it and at what pace that you will achieve your goals.  Don’t wait on time or money to move forward; You are very capable of finding the resources and means to kick down all the doors and get what you want, personally and professionally.

Are you bulldozing this season, or what?  

Kick down opportunity’s door, don’t wait for it to knock.

What do you think?

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