Why, hello there, party people.  I hope this Summer is treating you well!

Summer is definitely the right time to regroup, refocus, and connect with old friends and new before going into the whirlwind of Fall and the crazy of Winter.

On that tip, I have launched the #CreativeEnabler Slack Society, a community for creatives to connect digitally in a private channel to share ideas, get inspired, and gain access to industry leaders.


Haven’t heard of Slack?  Get ready to live.  Remember the chatrooms of the days of yore?  It’s like that, only better.  Information and correspondence is super searchable and easy to follow, and you can subscribe for notifications to the channels you really care about.

The #CreativeEnabler Slack has a bevy of channels to choose from, including Marketing/Promotion, Calls for Art, Press Opportunities, and more.

When you join, you get your pick of what channels are of most interest to you.

Creative Enabler Slack Society

I’ve designed it to elicit conversation, spark ideas, and build a creative community that we can all enjoy from anywhere in the world.

We plan on including exclusive members-only discounts and deals from our favorite products and services, live chats with industry leaders, and more surprises along the way.

If you are a creative professional, artist, maker, product-based business, Etsy seller, photographer, small business owner, or anyone in-between the creative categories, we want you!

At this time, all requests for memberships are application based so we may ensure that our community starts off on a strong foot of active and engaged go-getters that are eager to share and learn.

Here’s a link to learn more and apply: society.creativeenabler.com.

If you’ve already participated in Creative Enabler’s closed Creativeprener Happy Hour, you get a beta pass to try out the Slack community for a month (Score!).  Just let us know when you complete the application that you’re coming on over from there.

Looking forward to connecting with ya’ll!