I’ve been told more than once that I’ve lived “many lives” in my career. But that’s not tremendously hard when you’ve worked since you were 13.

I assure you, there are always at least 3 common threads in all that I do.  My life thus far can be easily measured in spurts of professional growth:  

 The commercial real estate career I forged after 9/11 that sent me scampering from the Journalism degree I had planned since idolizing April O’Neil slay in the original TMNT.

The Etsy born-and-raised vegan cosmetic company that defined my mid-twenties and sent me traipsing around the country on the alternacraft show circuit for the next 6 years. 

Toe-dipping into the world of fine wines and boutique spirits while working towards a sommelier status (and then deciding I was content with just doing the marketing around said wine and spirits).

Organizing, marketing, and promoting large-scale community arts and cultural events in and around Jersey City, New Jersey over the last 10 years.

Developing Creative Enabler to bridge the gap between out-of-reach and out-of-touch business consultants and the creative professionals that need viable infrastructure and marketing strategy.

Diving into civil servant life with the City of Jersey City since 2014, first in Program Development in the Office of Cultural Affairs and then being named Creative Director in the Department of Business Administration, Division of Communications.


Current Status:

Creative Enabler. Here’s where the story rightfully begins.  

I mentioned before that there are always 3 common threads in the professional trails that I take:

Community. Creation. Proliferation

A large chunk of my mission is to build community.  If I am helping a small business market and promote, I work with them to develop a plan of action that builds their business while uplifting their community, whether it is a regional specific community or their “tribe”.  When I worked in commercial real estate, I worked with property owners and developers to plan a creative and balanced tenant mix that would compliment one another, attract the right consumers, and ensure the overall longevity and health of its own property ecosystem.  And when I worked for a municipality, you best believe that my efforts were to support a literal community through arts, cultural, and enrichment programming.

As a visual artist and one that counts code as a creative act of woven language tapestry, fostering, communicating, and encouraging creation in all forms is high in priority on my professional mission.  When I embarked into the world of wine and spirits, I made it a point to learn how vintners, distillers, and brewers not only developed their business model, but how they crafted their individual concoctions before bringing it to market.  My intent was to educate consumers on the creation process and give them a better understanding of why the process was special.  Sure beats just telling someone to buy something because it “tastes good”.


It is my mission to help small businesses, artists, makers, and creative professionals proliferate and promote themselves in a meaningful way that builds community while fostering and inspiring the creation of new ideas, wares, art and services. 

I intend to continue to serve my creative community through focused strategy specific to monetizing, marketing, promotion, and community collaboration.  

I will be doing this twice as big and twice as loud through my company, Creative Enabler, by providing free workshops, no cost and low cost strategy sessions, consulting, and (soon!) a monthly tutorial membership for ongoing topics specific to the business of art and the art of business.


My intent of this post is a proclamation, as I am embarked on a new adventure that I intend to share with you to the hilt.


I remain guided by those 3 common threads that ultimately govern where the trail is taking me:

Community.  Creation. Proliferation.

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