I currently use Crowdfire to wrangle my Tweets and get more Twitter followers.
 If you are short on time, short on patience, and need help sourcing relevant content to share in the Twittersphere, Crowdfire would be a great place to start expanding  your own audience.


Why I Decided to Give Crowdfire A Try

I have never been into Twitter.  I see the value in Twitter, yes.  I see the need to utilize it as part of my social media routine, of course.  But into it?  Naw.  Not so much.

Willfully shunning a particular platform can prove unprofessional, especially of one’s company specializes in cross-platform marketing strategy and campaign management like Creative Enabler.  No client wants to hear about my personal disdain for Tweeting; They want to hear that not only do I know how to effectively use it, but can weave a strategy around their efforts.  And they want to see that I’m doing the same for my company by looking at my Twitter followers and current content.

I joined Crowdfire in December of 2016 with the intent of increasing my Twitter followers, creating more brand awareness for Creative Enabler by sharing quality content, and getting fans off Twitter and on to my website to read my content.

My follower base hovered sadly around 973 followers, and my posts up until that point were often RT’s that I was mentioned in or a response to someone that tagged me.  No gold stars for quality content here.  Tsk, tsk.


TL;DR:  Did Crowdfire Work To Get More Twitter Followers?

Here’s a fun chart of what the follower growth looked like between January 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017.  Not too shabby, right?

I currently have 3,086 followers at the time this was written. Probably more now, go take a look  😉

I typically receive 35-65 new followers a day.  I am more active and engaged on Twitter now, and will carve out time to find new folks to follow and engage with outside of the app.

I am starting to see web traffic spikes when I use Crowdfire to promote my blog content, and from people visiting my website off of my Twitter profile.


Crowdfire Features That I Hearted

I am not going to bore you with a series of screenshots outlining each and every feature; If you are so inclined to learn more about the interface, I invite you to check out the website proper.

Crowdfire is AI-driven, and has an adorable marketing bot that encourages you on your path to WORLD DOMINATION (Its words, not mine).  The marketing bot leads you through a daily series of prescriptions to find and interact with the right Twitter audience and share relevant content to your brand.


Once-a-day push notifications to get on the app = Twitter content procured, locked, loaded, and ready to post for the next few weeks in less time than it takes to make a microwave pizza.


You tell the app what keywords you are targeting, and point it to relevant accounts that reflect the kind of content you are seeking to share and audience that you want to capture. You can call them competitors or inspiration, whatever’s clever.


Queue up content right from the app with the articles specific to your keywords that it suggests; App can also peek at your analytics and post it at the best optimized time.


Crowdfire suggests Twitter users to follow and engage with, based on keywords and the comparable accounts that you pointed out.


Crowdfire walks you through unfollowing inactive accounts.  Pro Tip: This is a cool sneaky feature for me to learn who is not keeping their social media up-to-snuff so I can approach them about Creative Enabler’s social media strategy and management services.


Hook up your blog and Crowdfire will have create ready-to-post Tweets waiting so you may continue to share your content; Hook up your store and Crowdfire will help you promote your latest products through your Twitter stream.



And Finally..

I utilized Crowdfire‘s free service until the end of February, at which point I upgraded so that I could link up my Instagram, Facebook page, blog, and Pinterest.

It has been helpful, but has not moved mountains for me on Creative Enabler’s Instagram.

It has been mostly helpful on keeping my content tizz-ight on the Creative Enabler Facebook page, but sometimes the links do not display with photo thumbnail.  Oops.

I prefer to just schedule a Tweet promoting my blog myself so I can use a UTM code.

I’m still trying to motivate myself to deep-dive into the Pinterest world with Creative Enabler.

Twitter *used* to be my least favorite social media channel, but Crowdfire has taught me to not just tolerate it, but embrace it.

Now I just have to get into Pinterest..But we’ll save that for another review on another day.


Go tell it on the mountain, or better yet, on Twitter:

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