With the uncertainties of being an entrepreneur and our everyday lives, perspective is very much everything. Here’s how to dial down your hectic and take inventory of what truly matters.

Give people the benefit of the doubt until you can’t any longer.

I’m sure you’ve seen countless Instagram quote pics emblazoned with the bold, “If someone tells you who they are, believe them!”. Well, yes, but also within reason. There actually is a magic 5:1 ratio that weighs good experiences with negative ones. Unfortunately, our brains are wired to remember stinging, painful exchanges and not so much the warm and fuzzy. Frequent small positive exchanges go a long way to sustained happiness with other human creatures.

Weigh the totality of any given situation.

The above being said, it’s important to take a step back, take a breath, and consider the totality of any given situation. Before making a big move or a sudden shift, weigh the pros and cons of your next move. While we are all wired to dwell on the bad, it’s important to take inventory of the growth experiences and opportunities afforded.

Get out of your loop.

As creatures of habit, we are compelled to respond to hostility and change by kicking our defense mechanisms into overdrive. Our fight or flight response can only serve to limit our ability to process, grow, and expand in specific situations that don’t call for hitting the hectic button.  Retrain your brain to roll with the punches.  Counting breaths and taking a step back from an unexpected setback will get you grounded and ready to form a rational response.

staying positive as an entrepreneur

Create a new narrative.

Approach your challenges as a call to action and a means to grow, personally, professionally, or otherwise. Focus on not being reactive or anxious in the face of uncertainties. Draw upon previous positive experiences to kick in that oxytocin, a happy hormone that allows us to play well with others.

Do your good things louder.

Don’t wait for validation from others or situations to feel better about yourself and the value that you bring to this world. Make a list of your last three proud moments that brought you joy and reaffirmed your mission and values. Remember, percolating on the good stuff over perceived swipes and inequities will serve you in the long run, and get you back on track to doing your good things with more gusto.


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