A Conscious Coach Conference



In this day and age the more “connected” we are digitally the more disconnected from each other. Conscious Conference seeks to connect and unite amazing people so together we can create a bigger impact.

Conscious Conference seeks to support, educate and inspire coaches and life-changers.


The PURPOSE of the conference is to provide and further the coaches education and providing them with an experience that Connects them in Mind- Body- Soul.

We will have 40 speakers and 36 different Breakout Workshops on the following 4 tracks:


Building a business is not easy, you have to plan and structure it so it is a success and sustainable for you as an entrepreneur, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Learn in this track how to build and grow your business. Learn from some of top entrepreneurs that have built and scaled a company. Save those late nights of research and learn tools, strategy & planning to manage and build your practice.

Marketing & Sales :

Need more cash flow? Marketing is what will get you leads & Sales is what makes people SHOW YOU THE MONEY! Develop your target market, content marketing plan and learn Social Media Marketing that gets you those leads.

Now you have leads let’s see that money! Learn strategies to close leads and get the yes in a way that aligns with you.

New tools & Practices:

There are millions of ways to create a breakthrough for your client! But then what happens?? You broke them…

Learn tools and practices to help build your client up while building your own practices.

Self development & MindSet:

Creating a fun and inspiring environment to empower and excite attendees to take the next big step in entrepreneurship and thrive not only in business but in all areas of their life.

To grow we need an environment that feeds us and nurtures our mind, body and soul.

Get inspired , break those limiting beliefs and push your dream forward!

Come sit in on workshops with some of the most inspiring coaches that are going to coach you into a sustainable balance, where your mind body and soul are harmonious and light up!