Oh, the ever present hashtag, cluttering everything up under all those nice pictures on Instagram.  So silly.  And yet so necessary.

Hash What?

It’s not a hashbrown.  It’s not a hash brownie.  It’s not a skintag, and it’s not a graffiti tag.  Anything that looks #likethis is a hashtag.  Any word with a hash symbol (#) before it, basically.  Here’s how the web defines it:

A tag…consisting of a word within the message prefixed with a hash sign.

What the hell, hashtags?

Yeah, they’re not the most glamorous looking things, but they serve a good purpose:  They help categorize your content online so that people can find what you posted. Hashtags help others acknowledge your online existence. 

The reason you probably set up those Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter accounts was to let people know about you, your artwork, your product, or your service, right? So harness the power of the hashtag and revel in boundless hearts, likes, and retweets!  Read on to copy and paste artist hashtags you can use right now.



And now what with the hashtags?

Tumblr:  In that box to the right hand side of your post that says “Tags”.



Twitter:  In your post.  In front of your post.  Behind your post.


Instagram:  In your photo description.  I like to lead with an actual description, share it on Facebook to my personal account without hashtags, and then post a comment right after with all the hashtag biz’nasty.



Pinterest: Don’t forget that Pinterest likes hashtags, too!  This can put your posts in front of a whole new audience that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen your items have besides your current audience.


Where do I use ‘em?

Some hashtags are specific to the platform you’re using.  For instance, I like to use the following art hashtags for Instagram:

#instaart #instaarty #instaartsy #instaartwork #instaartist #instaartpop #instaarthub #instaartoftheday #instartys #instaarte #instaarts #instaartistic

Many are common sense for all platforms, depending on what you’re posting or talking about:

#art #artwork #artshow #artgallery #newartwork #femaleartist #figuredrawing #modernart #mixedmediaart #performanceart #stilllife #photography

And don’t shy away from getting specific about your art medium, geographic location, or what your post is evocative of.  Here are samples of tags I’ve used with my posts:

#jerseycity #chilltown #jerseycityart #aerosolart #sprayart #pink #vibrant #glitter #cheerful #clouds #lookup #lookdown #lookaround

And hey, silly hashtags work, too.  I get a kick out of seeing what other people tagged as…

#hellyeah #damnskip #hellagood #awyeah #shutupalot #um

Cheap Trick Alert:

I’m sure you have a steady roster of must-reads and must-sees in your Twitter feed and Instagram account.  Pay attention to what other people are using for hashtags in their posts and you’ll find new ways to tag your own content up.  Copy and paste hashtags for future use in a blank draft email or in a notepad file so you can use it later.

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