You are your brand.  Your brand is an extension of you, the creator of your indie business.

Your brand’s story is what makes your business undeniably yours, and has the power to engage a community of prospective customers and provide brand loyalty even in the face of area competition.  Your brand’s story provides the outline to crucial marketing and promotional avenues, and provides a cohesive plan to inspire action from your customers.  Here are just a few reasons why finding the voice to tell your brand’s story is important:

People love a good story.

Why have we been anxiously counting down the days for our favorite television series to return?  Because we want to be entertained, riveted and whisked away by the story that unfolds on our television screens week after week.  We’ve become invested in the lives of the stories’ characters.  And just as we have developed an emotional investment in various forms of entertainment, your prospective and current customers will be enraptured by your brand’s story should you develop it in a meaningful way and communicate your message effectively through the proper channels.

Good stories make connections.

Your brand’s story will connect you to prospective customers in a meaningful way that incites interest and loyalty.  Just as you are a multi-faceted individual, your brand reflects a number of your values, experiences, and other factors that drove you to begin your business.  Perhaps you started your business because you felt there was a niche market that was not being served, such as a bakery specific to gluten-free or vegan products.  Maybe you began your business to address an environmental issue.  Businesses that are multi-generation or developed by single moms or veterans are also examples of stories that offer community connections.  We will discuss this further in the next lesson.

Good stories provide context.

Establishing your brand’s story will assist you greatly in preparing your mission statement,  training your staff, and communicating to your customers.  It is the difference in singing your song or just humming along.  Context is key in preparing content for your marketing materials and website, and helping your customers and community understand who you are and how your brand fits into their lives.  Without context, you’re just another storefront on the street or online retailer.

Good stories are evolving.

Your brand’s story doesn’t stop when your door opens for business.  As with life, your story will evolve based on the needs of your customer and community.  This is especially true if you are a technology company, but is applicable to almost all range of businesses out there.  Fashion changes.  The dietary needs of restaurant clientele will change.  Lifestyle products will adapt to health trends.  And so on, and so forth.

So what’s your story?

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