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Creativepreneur Happy Hour: Stephanie Thornton Bryant

Meet Stephanie Thornton Bryant, creative Jersey City entrepreneur, personal coach, and veritable Bad Ass, who is launching her 10 week empowerment course geared towards personal clarity and building the road map to Bad-Assery.

“I believe that everyone is a Bad Ass, we’ve just forgotten, and it’s my mission to help remind you. I’ve been on a personal development journey for quite a while, and I’ve always had mentoring roles in my life. I started off many year ago teaching poetry to children, I’ve done theatre, I’ve worked with adults in that creative space. When I came to New York, I kind of put all that creative stuff on hold and jumped into the corporate world while my husband was going to school. About three years ago – after the birth of my second child – I was really craving a way to redesign what I had believed to be true about my life. And a lot of those truths that I was buying into just didn’t jive with me. I just woke up one day in this body and in this life thinking ‘Who is this Stephanie, who is this person?’ And that really began a journey of entrepreneurship, of personal development, of online marketing that has created a way for me to be an artist, be a mother, be a wife, and make an income on what fuels my desires – not income based on obligation or perceived sense of security.

So I’ve done a lot of personal coaching, I’ve done a lot of personal development, and this course that I’m now offering is a result of wanting to give people a road map, a blueprint, a way to step into a community and platform for those who know they can achieve more out of life, but just feel lost and don’t quite know where to start. I’m really focused on personal development for clarity on how you can create the space, and the ritual, and the routine to really get clear on what you want. You are valuable, and the world deserves to hear your voice.” – Stephanie Thornton Bryant, My BA Life

Interview by Carolyn Light

For more information on how to manifest your inner Bad Ass with Stephanie, visit www.mybalife.com, or search for the hashtag #selfcare4badassery.


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