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I’ll show you how to turn your creative endeavor into a money maker. 

 We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.

After one strategy session with Luca, I am grounded, focused and most importantly, motivated. First, I love the way Luca speaks, the language she uses is colorful and animated so not only am I getting top notch advice but I’m getting excited about it and simultaneously looking at things in a new way. Secondly, she is a master of her craft and a supreme purveyor of the entrepreneurial digital landscape, so I had the huge benefit of being able to get practical advice where I can seriously launch this business and make it lucrative spiritually and financially. It’s not pie in the sky advice, but practical advice that I can apply immediately and concretely. I would recommend Luca not even if you’re floundering and at your wit’s end like I was, but if you’re just starting out so you don’t have to go through the frustration of trying to figure it all out like I did.

Two thumbs up, four stars, a resounding yes and then some!
– Tracey Noelle Luz  // Spread Your Fire Productions


Oh, Hullo!

My name is Luca, and I’ve made it my mission to empower creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to do their good things better.

I’m not a life coach, but I will root for you. I’m not a clairvoyant, but I’ll quickly get the 360 view of your small biz sitch. I’m a teacher, and a guide on your entrepreneurial adventure.

I’m also a third generation entrepreneur that helps passionate people like yourself to stop second-guessing and start making decisions to make your work actually work for you.

Imagine a future where clients and customers seek you out instead of having to chase down paid work. Consider what it would be like to be recognized as a revolutionary for the value that you bring to your industry. Contemplate extra zeros in your bank account and being able to afford that small batch bourbon you’ve developed a taste for. Ruminate on how pants could be optional during your work day as you command the money you deserve while working on your own terms.


Seriously serious about learning new strategies to build and expand upon your awesome business empire?

I’m here for you, and ready to talk shop.




“Luca understands all the aspects of running a business, from set-up, to taxes, to advertising. She’s a social media expert and can help you promote your business, network and communicate with the community. I had a session with Luca where she helped me think of several different revenue streams and think about my business in different ways. She sent me a ton of links to reference and read up on and was there for any follow up questions I had. I would highly recommend her!”

JOANNE MCCARTHY // Artist & Entrepreneur, The Silver Sculptor


Here’s how it works:  You know that problem that is lingering in the forefront of your mind, immobilizing you from moving forward and seeing the type of growth you want for your latest project?

We talk through it. We discuss your current course of action. We take a look at your website, social media, and other communications. I will advise on strategies that you can immediately implement with your time and budget to get results with impact.  I will assemble your own customized arsenal of tools and strategies for you to go forth and do awesome things with.



Brainstorms are available to be scheduled in increments of one hour or two hours.  You can book a maximum of 5 hours for this type of service.
By phone, Google Hangout, or in person if you are in the NYC area.
$99 per session. You will definitely get your money’s worth in information, strategy, and actionable ideas to get unstuck after our time together, guaranteed. Check out the Testimonials section for recent reviews!





Seriously, thank you SO MUCH for the insight. I feel like I had the map but really needed a compass and someone to tell me the quickest route!

MICHAEL AMBROSE // Photographer, Pop’s Basement



Stop consuming generic online courses and e-books, hoping to suddenly stumble on a strategy that will see dollar signs.  Get actual strategy specific to your current situation and start creating the business moves that will make customers swoon.


Seriously serious about learning new strategies to build and expand upon your awesome business empire?

I’m here for you, and ready to talk shop.