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Happy Valentine's Day to all of my creative professional comrades, freelance friends, independent contractors, artist pals, and small business sweethearts!...

Just The Tip: Hashtags for Artists

Oh, the ever present hashtag, cluttering everything up under all those nice pictures on Instagram.  So silly.  And yet so necessary. Hash What? It’s not a...

Just The Tip: Command Your Brand

You are your brand.  Your brand is an extension of you, the creator of your indie business. Your brand's story is what makes your business undeniably yours, an...

Just The Tip: One Thing At A Time

Do you multitask like a mo’fo or get stuck when you settle down in front of the computer?  Either way, the advice is the same:One thing at a time.I’m no...
Luca Cusolito

Luca Cusolito

Founder, Nacho Enthusiast

Visual artist. 1994 SNES Blockbuster Video Game Championship winner.

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