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Carolyn Light

Creativepreneur Happy Hour: CAVEDAY

CAVEDAY is a facilitated, structured, distraction-free cowork event designed to help you get things done. Co-founder Jacob Kahana shares the origin of this upcoming event scheduled for Sunday, March 26 at the Impact Hub in NYC....

Creativepreneur Happy Hour: Shayfer James

Meet Shayfer James, singer, songwriter, and performer who will be presenting his music/arts collaborative project, March of Crows, on March 10, 2017 in Jersey City....

Creativepreneur Happy Hour: Stephanie Thornton Bryant

Meet Stephanie Thornton Bryant, creative Jersey City entrepreneur, personal coach, and veritable Bad Ass, who is launching her 10 week empowerment course geared towards personal clarity and building the road map to Bad-Assery....
Carolyn Light

Carolyn Light

Editorial Writer

Singer. Songwriter. Banjo warrior.


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